Year: 2025 Gotham of Tomorrow; Batman Roleplay Community

Name: Ezra Cohen

Alias&Affiliation: Ragman. None.

Civilian career: Player’s Choice.

Age: 31

Initiative: After being inspired but his young Uncle Eric, a detective with the GCPD, Erza joined the Armed Forces Academy. Sent on multiple tours of duty to the fronts lines of the South Georgian Ridge “Campaign” he came back a changed man. Wandering the streets of Gotham he was lost, normal life no longer suited him. One cold winter night, he bundled up in an old vacant loft. Trying to pile boxes to keep him warm he came across a magical gun and enchanted cloak, stored there for some unknown reason. The items helped give his life purpose, and he found them empowering. Using his newly found abilities he scours the nights of Gotham protecting those who cannot protect themselves.

FC Suggestions: Jack Huston, Jonathan Tucker, Enver Gjokaj

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