New Start!

Alright so it looks like we’ve all(us mods included) have been pretty inactive. That’s cool, we get it. Everyone has other accounts, jobs, school, an outside of computer time life and let’s not forget the winter blues are setting in!

From now on just play in the arc. We aren’t going to check your activity or give you individual threads to play(though if you wanna do the assigned ones from a week ago still, then feel free!). All we’re going to do is post the main plot arc and then threads you can pick up but don’t have to. If you’re inactive then you are and it’s possible someone might take your character.

New players still need to apply as do all original characters. Players in the game though? Pick up who you want BUT we need to approve the face and any canon that would have to cross canon with any future characters(like say have Diana run away with Clark and live happily ever after) So to the players that wanted to pick up Azrael, Cassie, and Bart hit the inbox up!

P.S. The NPCs will still be available to place with if you need them.

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Plot: Arc #1 Unseen Wars

Weeks 1-2.

All knowledge of the plot is out of character.

Unbeknownst to our heroes a war rages in the shadows. Gotham is not it’s first battlefield but it will decide the victor of the war. The players are many, but to what allegiance they hold, is yet to be known for some. These are the beginning stages for a bloody showdown. Damian Wayne is very much still alive going under the alias Ibn al Xu’ffasch, aligned with his mother and their faction of the League of Assassins, called Society of Shadows battling for control of the shadow world; it’s governments, military and economy from artificially created biological brother Christopher and Ra’s. He stays hidden in the shadows while Christopher, using the surname Wayne to try and provoke him and screw with Bruce’s adopted children is very much in the spotlight. Young, rich and British he is the talk of the Foundation and high society world.

Alright when we first started we were asked to put plot together for characters. After we the mods talked about it we decided that yes we would do that! The threads below are what counts for your activity. Each arc you’ll be given two mandatory threads, they don’t have to be finished by the end of the arc(which lasts a month) but they do needed to be started. Failure to comply will result in a warning or you to leave the game.


  • Christopher Wayne & Fright—Discussing and alliance for use of her chemical weapons.
  • Clayface & Lusine Simoneit(NPC)—The League of Assassins member trying to convenience her to do something that will benefit the league. 
  • Red Arrow & Jonas Ibsen(NPC)—Coming to Gotham on the trail of tracking down Ollie’s kill she mistakenly comes across the Society of Shadows member as a conspirator to her mentor’s murder.
  • Damian & The Bat— Intelligence from her Interpol friends on the league’s moves has her running into an old friend in disguise and something very valuable he’s carrying around with him that’ll shock.
  • Charlie & Noelle— As a social worker she’s run into all kinds of kids, some she even takes in and kids on the street usually see alot.
  • Catwoman & Ikena Udo(NPC)— Determined to take down her mob family the Falcones, she might not of expected the competition from the rising Nigerian crime family boss.
  • Nightwing & Councilman Firth(NPC)— With major threats on multiple mayoral election candidates the blonde bird is stuck with a couple including the slick Speaker of the City Council.
  • White Canary & the Kowaii Twins(NPC)— The twins have been causing terror up and down Gotham since they’ve escaped. A French royals jewels are on display at a small museum in Myr Lande and it’s right up their MO.
  • Detective Otonashi & Sgt. Vega(NPC)— Both on call during a frantic 911 call, they arrive on scene to a bloody mess but no body.
  • Red Hood & the Oz Gang(NPC)— The Oz Gang has made a name for themselves as an up and coming force to be reckoned with. Currently they’re holding a young girl ransom for a large sum of money.
  • Batman & Agent Chase— A new DEO agent in town and Batman feels the need to test him, there’s enough trouble in town without dirty officials.
All that being said PLEASE still be encouraged to continue writing personal plot! If you need some grab and go ones here are a few below.
  • Supposedly a group of teens is worshiping the Joker as some sort of idol and has been deemed the Joker Cult by the media. Investigate it!
  • South Asian terrorist group threatens attack on Gotham’s business district.
  • The Caterpillar, a famous drug lord has a new drug out on the streets and his dealers are circulating it fast.
  • A string of home invasions has hit the high end areas of the city, the homeowners are bindfolded and masked, and tormented while only their jewels were stolen. The most recent one has involved a sexual assault and brutal beating to two of the residents.
  • Poison Ivy may be a more mature flower but that doesn’t stop her from reeking havoc as an eco-terrorist. In just under a week Gotham’s fast train lines are about to up but Ivy has had weeds, roots, and thick vines alike crawling through the tunnels halting all production.
  • Training in the Watchtower.
  • Ancestor’s Fall Harvest Ball.

A side blog of the Damian player, don’t be confused by the Wayne last name.

Don’t be confused! Every arc we’ve decided to create 8 NPCs that your mods will play. They’ll be solely used for plot purposes! Feel free to reference them and if you’d like to play with them just send that account an ask!

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A couple reminders!

1.  As per the rules only ONE FACE CLAIM is allowed. That rule still stands unless your character can change form and regularly uses another face or can age/de-age on a regular basis. Those secondary fcs still need to be approved though! If you want an official younger face then message us for approval too!

2. Again as per the rules side blogs are not allowed for accounts, that is UNLESS you are playing a character that is an OC arc specific character. (On that note please make sure you are all following active characters!)

3.  SKYPE/AIM LOGS! If you are roleplaying on messenger then please put under a read more and tag the players and the community in it! We don’t want your character suddenly going through a mental break down or being pregnant and no one knows why because it’s all been done off of tumblr!

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The family that prays together does not always stay together. Especially when forever can be millennia.

Father and daughter have been torn apart by Bruce Wayne before but with the billionaire dead for over a decade who knew his sons would still cause a deep twisting rift between the two? Ra’s having chosen the younger son caused Talia to take desperate measures to ensure her eldest his rightful place in the League. Factioned in two the League of Assassins is no more, instead both Societies of Assassins and Shadows respectively battle a shadow war for control with each ah Ghul on separate sides with their respective heirs.

FC Suggestions: Alexander Siddig, Faran Tahir,  Oded Fehr —-/—- Berenice Marlohe , Saadet Aksoy, Mylène Jampanoï

Application | Plot | Rules | Taken Characters | Wanted Characters | Ask 

*Some characters have game canon, please check the wanted page*

Can two outsiders in Gotham survive with the legacies of the city even if their mission is the same?

Sent as emissaries of Justice League the daughter of Red Tornado and former Teen Titan ally Toyman aka Hiro Okamura have fought tooth and nail, carving their spot along side the heroes of Gotham, but is it enough? Tech wizards the two each work with the main groups of Gotham. Hiro in his mechas and Traya behind her computer they are just as much apart of this fight as anyone else.

FC Suggestions: Joe OdagiriHiroshi Tamaki, Tetsuji Tamayama, Oguri Shun —-/—- Leila Bekhti, Golshifteh Farahani, Cansu Dere, Bipasha Basu

Application | Plot | Rules | Taken Characters | Wanted Characters | Ask 

*Some characters have game canon, please check the wanted page*

Tempers flare and love hurts, but do first loves still matter in 2025?

A council woman and a retired cop shouldn’t have much of a connection on paper. Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson are much more then their occupations. Each a former masked hero of Gotham, they’ve seen the ups and downs of the city. Together but separate the two struggle to keep the city in balance. Dick with the Bat Collective and Babs with the Guardians of Gotham they must corral their teams to bring the city back to it’s former glory.

FC Suggestions: Miranda Otto, Kate Walsh,  Mireille Enos, Darby Stanchfield —-/—- Colin Egglesfield, James Marsden, Matt Bomer, James Scott Murray

Application | Plot | Rules | Taken Characters | Wanted Characters | Ask 

*Some characters have game canon, please check the wanted page*